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Our studio has a fresh new look!
June 5, 2020 by Heidi Mossman in What's New 0 Comments

Come check out our new look! Our studio is located in Old Colorado City and has been updated to keep it fresh and continue to provide that welcoming feel the moment you enter. Vibrant colors, new product display and design allow for great creativity and comfort.  This location is really the “art district” of Colorado Springs. Step outside and you are surrounded by old buildings, Victorian style homes, art galleries, wall murals, beautiful brick buildings, with the old hardwood floors and designs from the 1800’s.  The ambience of the town and areas surrounding the studio creates for a unique portrait background. While this is our fourth year renting the studio, it continues to be a excellent location for consultations, studio viewings, and photo sessions. Schedule a time to stop by and check it out! Otherwise, venture out and support all the small local businesses in the area. There is so much to see and do. Take a moment to just explore.

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