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Real Producers Magazine Features Capture Life Photography

Real Producers Magazine Features Capture Life Photography


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Real Producers Colorado Springs Magazine Photographer

A special thank you to the Real Producers Magazine for highlighting Capture Life Photography in the June issue.

Hi everyone, I’m Heidi, the owner and photographer behind Capture Life Photography and the majority of the front-covers & inside agents highlighted in the REAL Producers magazine. First, I would like to thank all the real estate agents, contributors, sponsors, and everyone else who looks forward to REAL Producers every month. I was the sole photographer when Real Producers launched its first issue in 2017 and the journey since has been rewarding. Capturing your vision, telling your story, and meeting so many of you has been truly gratifying. I’m so appreciative of your support and business!

As an independent photographer, REAL Producers has offered great opportunities in the real estate community. The most rewarding is to see you walking away with photos you absolutely love. Within minutes of delivery, you’ve posted them on social media, websites—or better yet, when I open my mailbox and your photos are beautifully displayed on their marketing materials. I LOVE IT! Being part of your business and growth is truly a gift.


Setting the Standard In Our Industry

“Do It Right the First Time” is the standard I hold myself to.  As a client, it would be devastating if the photoshoot images didn’t meet their needs and they walked away with photos they couldn’t use or like. Sadly, many people cut corners in portrait and real estate listing photography.  We can only imagine the opportunity cost associated with poor photography and marketing.  In addition, the level of effort and detail put towards representation in the marketplace is a reflection of what your clients will anticipate from you as their agent.  Starting over by retaking the photos will excerpt even more time, effort, and investment, costing much more in the end.

The photography industry, just like real estate, is highly competitive. I’ve grown to know several of you through photoshoots, and the strongest commonality between your industry and mine is relationship building and going the extra mile—whatever it takes to get it done right! Our businesses overlap in similar ways. It’s a service industry and finding the right fit in both areas is crucial in getting the desired results.


The Value I Provide

  • Having over a decade of experience, my skill, art, and technique create awe-inspiring results. You’ll look great and want to share your pictures with everyone. You’ll see yourself in a new way, feel good about yourself, and be represented well as a professional. Best of all, my photography will set you apart from others in this competitive field.
  • Through discovery, I’ll walk you through the entire process, taking the time to understand your vision, needs, and goals. I’ll provide guidance in choosing the right backdrops, location, and clothing for your photo shoot. I’ll consult and make suggestions on products that will best suit your home and needs.
  • Your confidence in my ability and the connection will naturally allow for you to be put at ease; bringing out the best in you.
  • Your images won’t just be a photo. They will show character, personality, and connection.
  • My photo sessions are fun and memorable! It’s an experience you will want to do repeat again and again. You will look forward to your next one!

Trust Capture Life Photography for your portrait needs. Your effort, energy, and time will be well spent, and you’ll walk away a happy customer every time.


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