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4 Reasons High School Senior Portraits are Important

4 Reasons High School Senior Portraits are Important

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There are 4 reasons why High School Senior Portraits are important. Of course, there are more, but here are the most common reasons customers value senior portraits.

#1-This time marks the end of their childhood…adult, WHAT??

I know it. We don’t want to let go and often times find ourselves in denial. It’s true. We need to let go and let them flourish and become the person they are intended to be. It’s time for them to explore, find themselves, discover new passions, and become an adult. With that, let’s capture who they are today and be proud of how far they have come. Let’s take time to reflect on their growth, challenges, and memories.

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#2-Graduation Requirements-Let us ease the load!

All high schools require a yearbook picture. Each school has specific requirements in terms of what is accepted, proper file sizes, submission, etc. Don’t worry, we take care of all of this for you! One less thing for you to deal with.

Don’t forget announcements! The school often provides announcements for you to purchase. They’re very generic, but they do include the graduation details to send out to family and friends. We’d rather provide you with announcements that are tailored to your student, personalized layouts, contain beautiful pictures, and include other information such as open house details, or your child’s after graduation. EVERYONE wants to know. Use this as an opportunity to celebrate your child, his/her accomplishments, and provide information with class.


#3-It’s time to celebrate!

This is a very special time and extremely emotional for the student and the parents. The student may face lots of anxiety or excitement about their future and at the same time sadness to leave their friends and family. As a parent, there’s more sadness especially if this is their first child. Though, it may be a celebration for some! Let’s not skip over and skimp on something that is so special.

From the initial consultation with the student, the excitement begins. He/she will have the opportunity to share ideas and express themselves. Our discovery session includes what to wear, where to have the photoshoot, and what items to include that really tells their story. What sports, activities, or passions does the student have? Are pets, cars, friends, etc. have a special place in their heart? If it’s part of their story, then let’s capture it!

The most fulfilling and rewarding part is the final reveal. We watch a personalized video of their portraits accompanied with their favorite music. The student sees themselves in a whole new light, their self-esteem is heightened, they can’t stop smiling and get so excited. They want to share their portraits with everyone especially on social media and “Senior Sunday”. The parents on the other hand get very emotional, and often cry. (The best part). I wish I could video tape the response, but for the sake of their privacy, I get to keep these memories to myself. I often get goose bumps and shed a tear or two myself. I provide a safe place for these emotions to be released, and there’s always have a box of tissue nearby.

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#4-Get Updated Portraits

Do you realize, this may be the last opportunity to get portraits of your child? We have no idea what the future holds. Family portrait opportunities may be more difficult to arrange as they venture off into the world, hold a job, move away, etc. To be honest, your next professional portrait may be at his/her wedding! Yikes! Take this opportunity to purchase high quality prints and unique products that everyone can enjoy for years! What parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle doesn’t want an updated professional portrait? In comparison to school pictures, this may be the best portrait they’ve ever had! If you can believe it, my mom and grandma still have my graduation portraits on their wall. Now that was a good investment!!

Either way you look at it, you owe it to yourself and your child to make this a special event and time to reflect! You deserve it! Let me be the one to make this experience extra special, guide you through the process, and make it effortless yet memorable!


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