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Senior Photos Checklist: How to Prepare Your Senior For Their Photo Shoot

For many high school seniors, getting their senior photos taken is an exciting time. These treasured photos will be used in their senior yearbook and given to friends, family, and teachers as they move on from their high school years into the next stages of life.  Getting ready for senior pictures can be a little stressful for both the teen and parent.  Between planning what to wear and what to bring, it’s understandable! That’s why I put together this senior photos checklist to ensure seniors and their families arrive at their session prepared and confident for a great experience, and of course, to walk away with beautiful photos. #1. Bring Water and a Snack My first piece of advice is to bring water and some snacks. It may not seem like tough work, but posing, wardrobe changes, weather, and even moving around the photoshoot location can wear on seniors during their session.   Not only is water refreshing, but it’s also great for your skin and keeps seniors comfortable during their photoshoots. As for snacks, I recommend eating well beforehand to last you through the entirety of the photoshoot. If you’re in a rush, please bring a snack to get you […]

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