What to Expect

All portrait sessions include a five step process: appointment, consultation, photo shoot, photo viewing and delivery.


Available appointment times may be found on our calendar.  The calendar is updated and accurate for the upcoming 90 days. Anything beyond that may be reserved but can’t be 100% guaranteed and is subject to change. Outdoor session times may be adjusted slightly depending on the season and lighting.



Consultations are in person or by phone and vary by the type of photo shoot. These take place 5-14 days before the photo shoot allowing enough time for you to make the necessary preparations especially with clothing.  The goal of the consultation is to aid in making your photo shoot an absolute success.  Doing it right the first time is our mission, so the data gathering during the consultation is vital in making that happen.

In-person consultations last one hour and may be done at our studio, your home, or at a coffee shop. In home consultations are wonderful if you need help picking clothes and choosing products that will fit your home nicely. Otherwise choosing our studio or coffee shop is a matter of convenience and preference. Our studio is very quaint and quiet, and can make it easier for you to visualize your final products.

During all photo consultations, we will discuss clothing, location, vision, needs, desires, and product. Payment (partial or full) and photo releases are collected at an in-person consultation and all others are collected at the time of the photo shoot.

Photo Shoot:

The photo shoot is a pleasurable experience for all involved. Connecting with you is very important, and finding a scene that fits your vision is important. While Colorado offers so many wonderful spots, it can seem a bit overwhelming. We do discuss where to have it based on your likes, lifestyles, and vision during the consultation. While the outdoors are great for family, children, and even headshots, you might prefer a more formal look such as our studio or your office. Whatever your preference, we will make it happen!

Weather: Outdoor shoots are rarely cancelled unless it’s raining. The decision to reschedule the photoshoot due to rain will be one hour before. Believe it or not, the clouds and light right before a rain shower make for amazing pictures. Don’t let it fool you. If the weather looks unpredictable at the time of booking, it is recommended to have an indoor backup or an alternative day selected.

The photo shoot generally lasts between 30 min and 2 hours depending on the type of shoot. 45 minute shoots are great for small parties of 4 or less and for families that have all children under the age of 4. The two hour shoot is ideal for multiple groupings, parties of 4+, more than one “scene”, clothing changes, and a very nice selection of images to choose from.  1.5 to 2 hour shoots seem long, but they go so fast.  Even for the smaller kiddos. The children are occupied by their surroundings and it gives them time to enjoy themselves as we move through the shoot. Some of our best shots are near the end of the shoot as everyone is relaxed and in their element.

Photos Reviews:

Photo reviews take place in the studio or on-line depending on the type of shoot.

Family portraits and high school senior portraits include a studio viewing in which we will view the pictures together and make the selection. This typically takes one hour and is done 2-3 weeks after the photo shoot. You do have the option to purchase a 7 day on-line viewing which gives you the ability to take your time and share it with friends and family.

Individual headshots, business headshots, and business advertisements include a 2 day on-line viewing. Again, if you need more time, the 7 day viewing may be purchased.  This is made available 3-7 days following the photo shoot.


The Delivery Turnaround Time:

On-line ordering turnaround time for delivery is 10-14 days from the time the order is placed. Portrait orders that are e-mailed in are received 5-21 days. You will be notified when the shipment has been received. Pickup and delivery will be arranged at that point. Standard prints are quick, while specialty products such as canvas, glass, story boards and framed portraits will take much longer. Orders consisting of images only will be sent via Dropbox 3-7 days after the order has been placed. Orders will only be processed once the payment has been received.



Having pictures taken can be very uncomfortable for many. In fact, often times it’s not something we look forward to. It’s not as bad as going to the dentist, but the idea can be daunting. It probably all stems from the forced smiles and pressures from our parents, schools, or even heading to Sears or JC Penny’s for the updated portrait. It’s stiff, stuffy, forced, and not enjoyable to say the least.

This is the total opposite of what you will find with Capture Life Photography. Putting you at ease is our top priority as it makes for a fantastic portrait and really makes the process enjoyable. It’s a fun experience. Laughing, being yourself, and embracing the person you are and those closest to you in a no-stress environment. That’s how it should be. I am very easy going, flexible, and I love to connect with everyone I photograph.

Finding a great photographer is very important. Who wants to go through the process again, especially if the experience and results aren’t what you were wanting? That is where reviews have such great significance. It’s a way for others to share their experience with others. I encourage you to read through the testimonials. You may also find other’s stories on Google Reviews or Facebook.

Our portfolio is another place to look. The end result of the entire process is the “final product”. Please look at samples of our work to ensure that you like what you see. Photography is an art, so the style we offer may not be the style you desire. It’s all in the “eye of the beholder”!



Our culture is that of excellence. We strive to be the best, do the best, and deliver high quality products. We are professional yet extremely down to earth, friendly, light-hearted and flexible.  We go over and beyond to meet the desires, vision, and needs of our customers.

Our values:

God led decisions, patient, transparent, dependable, integrity, trustworthy, detail oriented.



Our mission is to “capture the moment” through every stage of life whether it be with portraits, events, products or art. Our team delivers from beginning to end top-notch customer service and professionalism. We provide high quality, unique products and images by striving to put customers at ease in no stress settings. This is essential in allowing us to capture natural expressions and impressions, personality, interactions, and beauty inadvertently creating an awe-inspired escape, evoked feelings, and a greater confidence and self-image.


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